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Design a branding system in the process of designing a pitch deck


A branding project + pitch visuals for a modular building company. The project was a design sprint so after a bit of initial branding we developed the identity through working on the pitch deck. It has since changed slightly, mostly in color palette, but these are the iterations I was working on with the other graphic designer, Laura Huaranga.

    • Client

      FullStack Modular

    • Studio

      ABC Design Lab

    • My role

      Graphic Designer

    • Creative Director

      Adam Chaloiecheep

    • Other Graphic Designers

      Laura Huaranga



Visuals from the pitch deck

Key Challenge

How do you develop a brand through working on a pitch deck while on a tight deadline?


Productive collaboration was key for this project. This was a unique project for me in that it was one of my few projects that felt like a 50-50 collaboration between me and the other designer. I was more accustomed to a dynamic where one designer leads and the other designers support the lead designer. It was really fun to do this collaboration with Laura — a close friend and super talented designer who I’ve worked on multiple projects with in the past. We were able to openly brainstorm and build off of each others’ ideas which ultimately helped us reach the deadline and deliver a brand and pitch deck that I’m proud of. The pitch deck also turned out to be a great way to test our ideas for the brand and see if they held up as part of a larger system.

Visuals from the pitch deck
Visuals from the pitch deck

Visuals from the pitch deck