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Make an engaging app that allows museum visitors to dive deeper into the exhibits and explore their interests while also helping them navigate the museum


A mobile app that helps visitors explore the American Museum of Natural History based on their interests. The museum has a huge collection and a common issue for visitors is deciding what to spend their time on. With the app, users select their interests and get a curated list of exhibits to visit. When users near an exhibit on their list of recommendations, they get a push notification. There is also an educational AR game in the app in which users get hints to visit certain dioramas to collect badges.

  • Client

    The American Museum of Natural History

  • Studio

    Local Projects

  • My role

    Graphic Designer

  • Creative Director

    John Ryan

  • Art Directors

    Erika Tarte & Kim Gim

  • UX Designers

    Edward Blake & Mateo Salazar

  • Production Designers

    Laura Huaranga & Yooin Cho

Map and List views

Users can explore via a map or a list of exhibits ordered by proximity & interest relevance.

Key Challenge

How do we provide the user rich information through the app while at the same time encouraging them to engage with the physical museum as they explore it?


The team achieved this in multiple ways. There is an Augmented Reality game within the app: Avatour. The user "becomes" either a bear or a dinosaur, depending on which hall they're in, and they gather points by visiting multiple displays in the hall and interacting with them through AR. Each stop teaches them about their animal and how it interacts with the other animals that are in the hall. In addition, there is a content category in the main app that asks the user to find a specific part of a display and provides information about that specific piece.

Exhibit view

Exhibits included in the app feature a series of cards with additional information and educational quizzes and games.


The app features an educational Augmented Reality game that requires users to search the dioramas and complete certain actions to win badges